Tulsa State Fair Safety Tips

After a yearlong hiatus due to the pandemic, the Tulsa State Fair is back! It starts Thursday, September 30th and runs through October 10th. The Tulsa County Sheriff’s Office wants to make sure fair goers stay safe and have a great time during the fair.

Child Safety

Over the 11 days of the event, more than a million people are expected to attend the Tulsa State Fair. With crowds this large, it’s easy for children to get separated from their families. Throughout the most recent fair in 2019, TCSO reunited 101 lost children with their families.

To help make reuniting lost kids with their families faster and easier, TCSO offers wrists bands for children. Parents write their cell phone numbers on the bands, so that if their child gets lost, deputies can call the number on the wristband and make plans to reunite the parents with their child.

The wrist bands are free. Families can pick them up at TCSO’s Command Post near the entrance gate on the east side of Expo Square or at TCSO’s booth on the upper level of Expo Square.

If your child becomes lost, immediately alert a Deputy or go to the “lost child” center on the east end of the midway near Central Park Hall.

Before You Arrive

  • Talk to your children about what to do if they get lost. Let them know that our Deputies are there to help them, and not be afraid to ask us for help.
  • Take a picture of your children with your cell phone. This will provide a current photo of your child and what they are wearing.

Don’t Tempt Vehicle Burglars

Without the “Park and Ride” bus service this year, there will be more vehicles parked around the fair grounds. This will create a larger target for vehicle burglars. To reduce your chances of becoming a victim, lock your vehicle and make sure no valuables are visible through the windows.


The midway can be crowded. So in case of a medical or law enforcement emergency, please move aside and give first responders room to do their jobs.

Guns are not permitted at the fair under 21 O.S. § 1290.22, section D.3