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David L. Moss Criminal Justice Center
300 North Denver Avenue
Tulsa, Oklahoma 74103

What happens when someone is arrested?

When law enforcement officers within Tulsa County arrest a person on misdemeanor and felony charges, they are booked in the David L. Moss Criminal Justice Center. Each arrestee enters the facility through the Booking area. Intake officers in the Booking area receive and review the arrest report submitted by the arresting officer. Upon verification of all required information, the Intake officer enters the information into the computer records program and the prisoner is then brought into the sally port reception area to be searched.
All new inmates are thoroughly searched to prevent the entry of dangerous weapons, illegal drugs and other types of contraband into DLMCJC. This ensures the safety of both inmates and officers working in the facility. Prisoners are also evaluated during the search process to determine their physical condition. Prisoners with obvious or possibly serious injuries or conditions are screened by Booking personnel or the Booking nurse. When necessary the prisoner is rejected until they have received appropriate medical treatment and been cleared for jail.
After a new inmate is admitted to the Booking area they are informed of the charges against them and further processed. Their picture and fingerprints are recorded and an ID card is created. After processing the inmate is allowed to make phone calls to arrange for bond payment or to notify friends and family. Further interviews are conducted to assess each individual and arrange for appropriate housing within the jail.
While in the Booking area, inmates are inmates are continually monitored. Officers use verbal skills to de-escalate inmates who are uncooperative. Whenever an inmate becomes violent or disruptive, they are detained and monitored in holding cells until they calm down.
Inmates who are unable to post bond are dressed in jail issued uniforms and sent to housing units for custody and care during their stay in the DLMCJC.

For more information, click the link below for a brief video on the booking process at The David L. Moss Criminal Justice Center.

Booking Process Video

Booking Process Video (Spanish Version)

Sending Mail to Inmates

Acceptable items are limited to:

  • Letters and postcards. (Metered or preprinted postage paid envelopes preferred)
  • Greeting cards. These cannot be excessively large, thick, embossed (having a raised surface), having a transparent overlay, ribbons or strings, contain sound-making devices or be Two-ply cards.
  • Only small photographs which do not have a backing capable of concealing contraband.  Photographs cannot exceed 5″x7″ in size.  It is recommended that the inmate’s name and inmate ID numbers be written on the back of all photographs.  Polaroids will not be accepted. Personal photographs may not contain nudity, partial nudity, revealing or form fitting clothing, no hand signs or be overtly sexual or sexually suggestive.
  • Newspapers if mailed directly from a publisher, Books from Amazon Fulfillment services or Barnes & Noble only.


Items not Accepted

Any mail that has the following characteristics will be considered contraband and the entire envelope and its contents will be placed as contraband or returned to the sender:

  • Anything mailed in a padded envelope or box.
  • Contains any type of currency or negotiable items (e.g., cash, checks, money orders). 
  • Contains postage stamps, stickers, stationery or envelopes.   
  • Contains pieces/sheets of plastic or anything laminated.
  • Contains tissue, blotter, or construction paper. 
  • Contains food items. 
  • Anything written or colored with crayon, markers, wax, water colors, or white-out.  
  • Has had a foreign substance applied to the envelope or letter (e.g., lipstick, perfume, cologne, powder, stickers, etc.).  
  • Sound-making devices.
  • Contains loose pages torn from novels, word-find and puzzle books. 
  • Sexually explicit photos, publications, drawings or writings, and mail containing information concerning where, how, or from whom such matter may be obtained. Sex-based publications that depict frontal nudity or penetration are prohibited (e.g., Penthouse, Hustler, etc.).   
  • Personal photographs that contain nudity, partial nudity, are overtly sexual or sexually suggestive.  Persons must be clothed in a manner that would be generally accepted in the community as a whole.  Any intent to show nudity, including, but not limited to the following, will be returned as unacceptable:
    • Any photo that displays an exposed female breast.  This includes photos that have been altered to obscure or conceal the areola (e.g., strategically placed stickers, digitally altered, etc.). Undergarments must be worn beneath clothing that is sheer/translucent, lace, mesh, etc.  
    • Any photo that displays the genitalia of either gender (including those wearing clothing that by design or by the manner in which it is worn, allows the anatomical detail of genitalia to be clearly viewed).
    • Nude photographs of anyone under 18 years old (including infants).
  • Any gang-related pictures, writings, or drawings.
  • Any matter of a character tending to incite murder, arson, riot, violent racism, or any other form of violence.
  • Any matter concerning gambling or a lottery.
  • Threatens blackmail and/or extortion.
  • Concerns the sending of contraband in or out of any facility.
  • Depicts, encourages or describes methods of escape from correctional facilities.
  • Information which would present a clear and present danger of violence and/or physical harm to persons in or outside of the facility.
  • Concerns plots or plans to disrupt the order of the facility and/or to breach the security of the facility.
  • Any material advocating criminal activity, violation of any criminal law, or violation of facility rules or regulations.
  • Contains coded messages which are not reasonably understood by the reader.
  • Depicts or describes procedures for the construction or use of weapons, ammunition, bombs, or incendiary devices.
  • Depicts or describes procedures for the brewing of alcoholic beverages, or the manufacture of drugs.

Books, Magazines, Newspapers

Books are accepted if mailed directly from Amazon Fulfillment Services or Barnes & Noble. Packages containing anything other than books are prohibited (e.g., maps, calendars, care packages, etc.). Be sure to provide the inmate’s name and DLM numbers when placing the order. If a publication contains an article considered to be objectionable and/or a threat to facility security, the publication will not be delivered and will either be returned to the publisher or placed as contraband. 

Please address mail as example below:

Inmate’s full name and DLM #
C/O David L. Moss
300 N Denver Ave.
Tulsa, OK 74103

Visitor Information

There are several ways to visit an inmate at the David L. Moss Criminal Justice Center.

Video Visitation
This service is provided by a 3rd party vendor TechFriends. They provide a video visitation system allows inmates to converse with friends and family through video. This allows anyone with internet access to schedule a time to video visit someone being held in the facility. With this system in place, the inmates can converse with their children, friends and family living anywhere in the United States. Young children can talk to parents and siblings when they would not otherwise be able to. For more information about Video Visitation please visit their website at JailATM.com. 

On-Site Visitation
The on-site, non-contact visitation is conducted at the Tulsa County Jail. This service is only available to parents, grandparents, spouses, siblings, fiancé and children (16 or older with a legal guardian) of an inmate. To apply to visit in person select the link below and fill out and submit the application. Please review the rules for visitation as well before scheduling your visit.

On-Site Visitation days are:

Fridays between 8:30-3:30pm

Satudays between 8:30-3:30pm

For General Information call (918)596-8900

Online Visitor Request System Click Here

Other Important Information…

DLMCJC Property Room

Property pick ups are to be scheduled with the property clerk.  To ensure efficiency please call beforehand and if no one answers please follow the voicemail instructions and someone will return your call.

Monday – Friday 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM

Closed on observed holidays 918-596-8872

Inmate Trust Account

All cash in possession of an individual at the time of booking will be deposited into the inmate’s trust fund account.
Inmates at the David L. Moss Criminal Justice Center may receive funds for their trust account by mail or through deposits made by using the on-site kiosks or online at www.jailATM.com or www.CSGpay.com The Kiosks are situated in the DLMCJC front lobby. The kiosks accept cash and credit cards for a nominal fee.

To send funds by mail, send money orders or cashier’s check to:

David L. Moss Criminal Justice Center 
Inmate’s Name/Inmate’s ID #
300 North Denver Avenue
Tulsa, Oklahoma 74103

The name of the inmate and their DLMCJC number must be written on the money order. (Do not put this information in the “Pay to the Order” space). There must be a return address on the envelope containing the money order. All the identifying information must be legible, complete and correct or the money order/cashier’s check will be returned to sender.DLMCJC does not accept cash or personal checks of any kind. DLMCJC does not accept cash or personal checks of any kind. Cash received by DLMCJC via mail will not be accepted and will be returned to the sender.

Medical Services

Medical Services are provided by Turnkey Medical Inc. For more information about our medical services provided please call the medical information helpline at 1-800-246-0881

Immigration Customs Enforcement (ICE)

For issues related to ICE detainees please follow this link

Tulsa County Jail Quick Links


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