TCSO makes arrest in overnight homicide

Just before 1:00 am today, Deputies were called to a report of man down in the parking lot of the Dollar General store located at 1504 N Yale Ave. The victim, 46-year-old Paul Nelson Schultz had been shot. He was taken to area hospital where he later died.

Thanks to video surveillance footage from area businesses, Investigators had a suspect and vehicle description. Deputies canvassed the area and located the suspect’s vehicle parked at home just a few blocks from the scene. Deputies have taken 38-year-old Thomas Lee Knox into custody for Schultz’s murder. He will be booked into the Tulsa County Jail.

Knox is a tribal citizen. Therefore, this case will be handed over to federal investigators. Because Mr. Knox is a tribal citizen, today’s mug shot will not be available on the jail website. We have attached his most recent mug shot from a previous arrest in 2019.

Scam artists attempt to prey on inmates’ family members by using the names of jail employees

Phone scammers are once again claiming to be members of TCSO while targeting potential victims. On Monday, we received a report of a woman being scammed out of $400 with the promise that her family member would be released from the Tulsa County Jail.

The scammer stated he was Chief Deputy Eric Kitch and was calling to give the victim information about her loved one’s bond. The suspect stated due to COVID, instead of paying in person, she could send $400 through Venmo to bond her son out of jail. The suspect stated that he would be released as soon as payment was made. The number the suspect is using to call from is 405-363-0768 and says they are calling from David L. Moss. We urge people to remember that TCSO will never call anyone to ask for payment over the phone, especially to get loved ones out of jail.

TCSO has also been alerted to second scam making its way through the county. This one uses that name of Deputy John Carr. The scammer tells potential victims that they must buy cash cards and read him the numbers off the back, to avoid being arrested for missing court or jury duty.

If you receive one of these calls, hang up. If you are a victim of one of these scams, call us at 918-596-5600 to file a report.

Tulsa County Sheriff and District Attorney to hold news conference gto address the growing need for a new Tulsa County Courthouse

Tulsa County Sheriff Vic Regalado and Tulsa County District Attorney Steve Kunzweiler are joining together to voice their support for plans to replace the current Tulsa County Courthouse.

Sheriff Regalado says a new building is needed to ensure the safety of the people who visit and work inside the Courthouse every day, “Simply put, Tulsa has outgrown the current Tulsa County Courthouse.  The Sheriff’s office is tasked with securing the courthouse, courtrooms and the transportation and guarding of inmates attending court proceedings. The current courthouse is ill equipped to handle the security needs of today’s world. As a result, the courthouse is inefficient in handling the thousands of citizens who come to the courthouse on a weekly basis. If you have had to conduct business at the courthouse then you are familiar with the long lines to enter the courthouse, the lack of parking and the crowding of elevators and escalators. I would encourage Tulsa County’s Board of Commissioners to consider the needs of its citizens as we move into the future and build a courthouse that Tulsans can be proud of for generations to come.”

Kunzweiler says the current building no longer meets the needs of Tulsa County’s growing population. “When this courthouse was built in 1954 Tulsa’s population was 242,000 people.  We are approaching almost triple that number today.  It served its role, but it is no longer safe enough nor is it capable enough to meet the needs of our community.  The safety and building code deficiencies are extensive and worrisome.  I encourage Tulsa County’s Board of Commissioners to seize the opportunity to build a new justice facility that mirrors the growth and vision of its constituents.  We can and should build a courthouse through which future generations will appreciate the meaning of justice, commitment, community and sacrifice.”

When: Tuesday, November 14th at 2:00 pm

 Where: The plaza in front of the Tulsa County Courthouse located at 600 Civic Center, Tulsa

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