ACA auditors recommend perfect scores for jail standards compliance at Tulsa County Jail

This week a team of auditors from the American Correctional Association (ACA) have been studying all aspects of jail operations at the Tulsa County Jail. Today, they announced their findings to TCSO’s staff and administration; the Tulsa County Jail received a recommendation of 100 percent compliance with all 59 mandatory standards, as well as all 204 non-mandatory jail standards.

“The Tulsa County Sheriff’s Office has achieved what no other Sheriff’s Office in Oklahoma has achieved, reaccreditation complying with national standards”, announced ACA Executive Director, James A. Gondals, Jr. “The citizens of Tulsa County should be proud to know that their fellow citizens are treated humanely and the officer’s jobs are safer.”

(Photo: Sheriff Regalado, ACA Chairperson Kathy Brown, ACA Team Members Quessie Parks and Ernest Umunna, David Parker)

ACA establishes operational standards designed to enhance correctional practices for the benefit of inmates, staff, administrators and the public. Among the hundreds of standards ACA auditors examine are; the safety and security of inmates and staff, medical care, mental healthcare, the protection of inmate rights, food service, policies and procedures, just to name a few.

Sheriff Vic Regalado says, “I am proud of the staff members both at the jail and across this agency who have worked hard to ensure that we are running the jail according to the highest standards. It’s because of them that our jail has been recommended for perfect scores by the ACA.”

The auditors will pass their findings on to ACA’s board members, who will review the findings and make a make a final decision on the jail’s scores in January