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Mental Health Pods are Open

DLMCJC Mental Health POD

The David L Moss Mental Health Unit Hotline: 1-800-246-0881.

A hotline number has been established to assist inmates in the newly opened Mental Health Unit.

A booking nurse evaluates the medical and mental health of inmates when they arrive at David L Moss. But when an inmate is in the midst of a mental health crisis, they are often unable to provide the nurse with the necessary information.

Inmates’ loved ones can call the toll free number to provide information to help the medical and mental health staff take better care of that person.

The phone line is manned Monday through Friday from 8:00am to 5:00pm. Callers can leave voice messages after hours.

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New Jail Administrator Hired - The Tulsa County Sheriff’s Office is proud to welcome David Parker.

A new wing at the David L. Moss Criminal Justice Center (a.k.a. the “Tulsa Jail”), built just for the mentally ill, opened on Monday, April 17th. The new units will more than double the facility’s capacity to house inmates suffering from mental illness. These new pods are at the forefront in design for housing mentally ill inmates, with an emphasis on providing better and specialized care. The detention officers working in these pods will undergo specialized mental-health training, including crisis intervention. A psychiatrist will see to the medical needs of the inmates.

The new mental health pods are needed treatment areas for a jail where up to 35 percent of the inmates are being treated for some sort of mental illness. (National statistics indicate about one-third of all inmates are on psychotropic medication.) And those inmates suffer from varying levels of illness.

Not everyone on medication needs around-the-clock attention, but some do, and the new mental health pods will improve conditions for those inmates who do require a higher level of oversight.

The Sheriff’s Office designed a four-tier program for supervising inmates suffering from mental illness, and designed the two new pods around that concept.

The largest of the pods resembles a standard general population cell - it has bunk beds and a large recreation area – and is set aside for “level 4" inmates. That designation is used for inmates who are not considered a threat to themselves or others, have shown a willingness to stay on their medication, and are prospects for transition to a regular general population area. There’s room for about 72-80 level 4 inmates in the new pod, depending on how the bunks are set up.

The other pod, will house up to 26 inmates. It is designed for “level 1 through level 3” inmates.

"Level 1" inmates are considered suicidal. The six new cells for level 1 inmates are in the back of the pod, and are monitored by a detention officer at all times.

"Level 2" cells are reserved for inmates who are not suicidal but are unable or unwilling to control their behavior. The level 2 inmates, who are disruptive in one way or another and unable to function in a group setting, will be housed in 10 single-bed cells in the pod. Those cells sit behind a glass “sound and smell barrier” wall in order to keep the occupants from disrupting the rest of the pod population.

"Level 3" inmates will occupy 12 single-bed cells on the other side of the pod. Those inmates will have less restricted movement within the recreation area of the pod, though it will be a more limited form of access when compared to the free movement offered to the level 4 inmates.

The facility design provides incentives for each inmate to want to promote to the next stage.

Statement from Mental Health Association of Oklahoma

“Mental Health Association Oklahoma applauds the Tulsa County Sheriff’s Office for building specialized mental health pods at the David L. Moss Criminal Justice Center. The Sheriff’s Office has gone to great lengths to observe high-quality specialized pods across the country in order to construct these mental health pods. Soon, they will provide a safer and more secure therapeutic environment within the jail for Oklahomans impacted by severe mental illness."

“Beyond simply building the pods, we are thrilled the Sheriff’s Office will provide detention officers with complete specialized mental health training. This training will be critical in helping de-escalate situations that could be harmful to both the person who is incarcerated and the detention officer."

“Mental Health Association Oklahoma also applauds the Sheriff’s Office for playing a key role in a significant community-wide effort to divert non-violent offenders out of incarceration and into treatment. These stakeholders represent diverse fields ranging from healthcare, social service, criminal justice, first responders, business leaders, and others across Tulsa. They are working to save taxpayers money as they help people who have pending non-violent charges find their path to recovery – not jail and prison cells — so they can become productive members of our community.”

The Sheriff's Office will always strive to carry out its motto,

"Total Commitment Serving Others"

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