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Tulsa County Sheriff’s Office

David L Moss Criminal Justice Center ('DLMCJC')

David L. Moss Criminal Justice Center

David L. Moss Criminal Justice Center Location and Phone Number

	David L. Moss
	Criminal Justice Center
	300 N. Denver Avenue
	Tulsa, OK 74103
	Phone: (918) 596-8900

The David L. Moss Criminal Justice Center Lobby will open at 8:00am. and close at 7:00pm each day.

The David L. Moss Criminal Justice Center, also know as the Tulsa Jail, upon initial completion had a total capacity of 1714 beds. New pods added in 2017 added 266 beds to that capacity; Mental Health pods have a maximum capacity of 106 and the new dorm pods have a maximum of 160.

Inmates are afforded the opportunity to attend church services and educational classes.

The Programs & Education Unit of the DLMCJC strives to offer a variety of classes and programs in order to provide inmates with a new or improved skill set to assist in reducing recidivism. Each year 20-30 people graduate with a GED and are presented with a Certificate of Completion.

DLMCJC has an online visitation system which allows inmates to converse with friends and family through video. The sysem allows anyone with internet access to schedule a time to video visit someone being held in the facility. With this system in place, the inmates can converse with their children, friends and family living anywhere in the United States. Young children can talk to parents and siblings when they would not otherwise be able to.

For general information call (918) 596-8900.


David L. Moss Criminal Justice Center

When law enforcement officers within Tulsa County arrest a person on misdemeanor and felony charges, they are booked in the David L. Moss Criminal Justice Center. Each arrestee enters the facility through the Booking area. Intake officers in the Booking area receive and review the arrest report submitted by the arresting officer. Upon verification of all required nformation, the Intake officer enters the information into the computer records program and the prisoner is then brought into the sally port reception area to be searched.

All new inmates are thoroughly searched to prevent the entry of dangerous weapons, illegal drugs and other types of contraband into DLMCJC. This ensures the safety of both inmates and officers working in the facility. Prisoners are also evaluated during the search process to determine their physical condition. Prisoners with obvious or possibly serious injuries or conditons are screened by Booking personnel or the Booking nurse. When necessary the prisoner is rejected until they have received appropriate medical treatment and been cleared for jail.

After a new inmate is admitted to the Booking area they are informed of the charges against them and further processed. Their picture and fingerprints are recorded and an ID card is created. After processing the inmate is allowed to make phone calls to arrange for bond payment or to notify friends and family. Further interviews are conducted to assess each individual and arrange for appropriate housing within the jail.

While in the Booking area, inmates are inmates are continually monitored. Officers use verbal skills to de-escalate inmates who are uncooperative. Whenever an inmate becomes violent or disruptive, they are detained and monitored in holding cells until they calm down.

Inmates who are unable to post bond are dressed in jail issued uniforms and sent to housing units for custody and care during their stay in the DLMCJC.

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DLMCJC Property Room Hours

The Property Room is open to release an inmate’s property from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM, Monday through Friday. An Inmate Property Release Authorization form must be signed prior to the release of the property.

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Inmate Trust Account

All cash in the possession of an inmate at the time of booking will be deposited into the inmate's trust fund account.

Inmates at David L. Moss Criminal Justice Center may receive funds for their trust fund account by mail or through deposits made using the on-site kiosks.

Commissary items can be ordered for an inmate at


Our Special Operations Response Team (SORT) at the David L. Moss Criminal Justice Center is a specially trained group of officers, made up of four teams between three shifts, so they are available twenty-four hours a day. They respond to emergency situations which occur inside the jail, that are beyond the normal capabilities of the DLMCJC staff. The SORT team is specially selected and trained to provide specialized tactical response to neutralize large scale disturbances, escape attempts, hostage situations and other significant events that have the potential to threaten facility security.

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